Farmland Management Services

Founded in 1986, the original focus of LRM was on farm management services for local and absentee landowners. Since the early 1990’s it has evolved to include real estate sales specializing in farmland and hobby farms. We have agents who specialize in farmland sales and have expertise with 1031 exchanges.

As experts in farm management, we work closely with owners to identify their goals and explain the options they may consider. Once a plan is selected we locate the best operator for the owner and negotiate the agreements. We take care of details in a timely manner, such as paying the taxes, making sure proper insurance is in place, monitoring the conservation practices, and overseeing any capital improvements to the property to optimize the return to our land owners. Communicating with the operator and owner to maintain and improve the quality of the land is key to our success.

Services provided by our farm managers include but are not limited to:

Timely thorough reporting and communication on your farm.

Creation and negotiation of farm rental contracts helping you achieve the best possible agreement on your land investment.

Continuous monitoring of the agricultural market and the volatility of land rental values to make sure that leases are adjusted to the changing industry trends.

Frequent visits and inspections by our farm managers to confirm asset preservation, conservation, and to insure that the tenant is respecting your property and treating it as if it were their own.

Supervision of approved capital improvements to your farm.

A year end personalized comprehensive report.

Your land is a generational investment that will provide a return well into the future if properly maintained. We ensure that your land is rented out to responsible individuals that will care for it as if it is their own, paired with constant monitoring of improvements and market changes to keep it up-to-date and competitive in today’s market. Our goal is to help you reach yours while creating a win win relationship between landowner and tenant. With our help, your land will continue to be a profitable investment without being a hassle.

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